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Epicenter Group exists to help Christian leaders reimagine church in ways that are congruent with their understanding of the gospel and the cultural contexts in which they work.  And then we help those leaders move from imagination to new realities.


Each year, we work with scores of congregations and new faith communities. When you work with an Epicenter coach, you are working with our whole group. We collaborate and compare notes. We read and study innovation constantly: as we work with churches around the world. Our team covers the waterfront in terms of skills and specializations – and we commit that if we don’t have the coach or consultant that your church needs for the work before you, we will find that person for you!

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We want to help you discover new ways forward. We are not here to equip you for ministry in 1995, but to help your church thrive in the 2020s!


We have experience: We have worked onsite in more than 1500 congregations in multiple denominations, in all sorts of settings on three continents.  All of our coaches have planted new faith communities!

We are thinking ahead: The world is not standing still. At Epicenter, we take cultural change seriously.  We are students of the seismic shifts underway, and thinking ahead to new paradigms and strategies. The fog is clearing, and the contours of effective ministry in the years ahead are becoming crystal clear. Paul and Beth’s best-selling 2016 book, Weird Church, unpacks much of what the rising church will look like.  Beth and Paul released Discernment and Multi in 2019, focused respectively on congregational discernment and on how we bond diverse people together in ministry.  In 2021, Paul released two new books: Cultural Competency and Launching a New Worship Community, both of which look at practical ministry matters in the 2020s.

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