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Challenging Existing Churches

Some of our best work is with highly effective churches, which in many cases have seen significant growth.  We help such churches look beyond their current ministry paradigms in order to bust through growth plateaus and to the next level in their development. 


Leading Declining Churches Toward Transformation

About 90 percent of North American congregations are facing a grim future if some things do not change in the next few years. Our team would love to work with your congregation in discovering a new future that will rally your leadership and change your trajectory. We do not just come in, give recommendations and leave.  We design a process over 1-2 years in which we walk with you through the various challenges that appear on your church’s road toward God’s next things.

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New Church Starts

Church planting is a rapidly changing enterprise in America and globally.  We have coached some of the most fruitful plants in the western world in the last decade.  One of our clients became the fastest growing United Methodist congregation in America for several years.  We have been around the block on house-church networks, multi site plants, vital mergers, and we still even work with a few parachute drops. 


Church Mergers

Historically, most church mergers have been survival-focused rather than mission-focused. They were about downsizing and postponing church closing. We believe merger can be designed for growth and ministry advance. At Epicenter, we love coaching through the messy, hope-filled journey of two or more congregations joining together in order to reach new people.



North American churches will lose half their donor base in the next decade.  Gulp.  Not most of their people, but half their current income!  Major rethink is in order for how we fund ministry.  Epicenter Group is ready to help your leaders tackle the tough questions of financial sustainability in the twenty-first century.  We know the latest best practices in mobilizing giving with younger and newer church populations.  We can also coach you in major fund development for the advance of ministry and/or renewal of facilities. 


Worship Renewal

Most American worship services fall short of the excellence required to engage 21st century people. Epicenter Group can work directly with your church in a consultation/coaching process focused solely on renewing worship, creating a new service for new people, searching for new music leadership, or working with your architect in worship space design.

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