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"Epicenter and Paul Nixon worked with our church during a time when we were deeply in need of direction and focus. Paul helped us with the much needed processes to determine our priorities and the data to help us analyze our community needs. The in-person meetings and his remote coaching were beneficial to us. We still refer to the decisions we made during our time with Paul and Epicenter today. We would definitely recommend them to other churches."

Rev. Karyn Wiseman (Huntingdon Valley, PA)

"Paul has helped me recover connection to the reality that, even though the 'front lines' of church ministry seem fraught with anxiety and bleakness, the Church of Jesus is not anywhere near its end but is evolving and re-forming in marvelous and exciting ways." 

Rev. Andrew Schwartz (Chesapeake, VA)

"Working with Paul has been so beneficial to our church and my ministry. His insight and keen observation skills have helped us learn things about our congregation and community that will greatly increase our ministry impact. We learn something beneficial from Paul in every conversation and meeting."

Rev. Beth Evers (Fort Worth, TX)

"I have been a part of the Epicentre Group's mentoring programme for the past 2 years and I have found it a real gift in ministry. It has offered the opportunity to have monthly meeting with Paul Nixon, a space to reflect and be heard, to develop new ideas and to embark on the journey of holy risk taking. My ministry has deepened and developed in ways I wouldn't have thought possible."

Rev. Dawn Canham (London, England)

"I have worked with Paul for the past four years at two different local churches.  Paul's broad base of knowledge, experience, and expertise proved to be invaluable resources in a wide variety of contexts.  His insight and expertise have helped me to have a better understanding of what the underlying issues at play were and how to creatively and effectively address them. "

Rev. Kris Tate (Glendale, CA)

“Here’s the great thing about working with Paul Nixon…no two people will tell you the same story. There IS no cookie cutter, there’s no pre-cut patters. Everything is custom. Paul takes the time to know YOU. AND he’s been around long enough to have a bunch of different approaches in his tool box to find the perfect approach that will help you be your best self. Working with Paul helps me find my way to do my thing.”

Rev. Jerry Herships (Denver, CO)

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